Joanna Poyago-Theotoky


Work in progress

  • “New Developments in the Theory of Mixed Oligopoly and Public Firms”, to appear in ‘The Cambridge Elements of Public Economics’, edited by R. Boadway (Queens University), F. Cowell (LSE), M. Florio (Universitá degli Studi di Milano), Cambridge University Press.
  • “Green Innovation under Uncertainty - Cooperation and Information Sharing”, under revision; with H. Gerlach and J. Pereira.
  • “Partial Privatization in Mixed Markets with Managerial Inefficiency”, under revision; with R. Mazali and J.A. Rodrigues-Neto.
  • “How Does a Brand Become a Status Symbol? A Dynamic Duopoly Game”, in progress; with R. Mazali and J.A. Rodrigues-Neto.
  • “Social Status in Quality and Price Games with Asymmetric Technologies”, in progress; with R. Mazali and J.A. Rodrigues-Neto.
  • “Mixed Oligopoly and the Under-Provision of Service in Vertical Supply Chains”, in progress; with S. McDonald and T. Zang.
  • “The Optimality of Emissions and Performance Standards under Technology Spillovers”, in progress; with JC Guo and S. McDonald.
  • “Cross-border intellectual property rights: Market access and innovative investment”, in progress; with YY Tsai.


Created 16th January 2005
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